Sunday, August 27, 2017

Charleston, South Carolina. Wentworth Ave Fire Station

Quick painting before rain moved in
 11x14 oil
Wentworth Street, Charleston, SC
          A man approached me just as I was about to start painting and told me there were much better painting scenes around the corner. So… I put my stuff down and took a walk around the corner,  but didn't see anything I found interesting. So, I came back to my original spot and painted. Later a woman approached to tell me the yellow house was NOT a historic house- and was I aware of this fact? She wanted to make sure I didn't think I was painting  old, Charleston history…. because I wasn't!  She informed me that The Yellow House was built in 2006. But the red fire station building was built in 1880's or 90's- after the big earthquake. She was very serious about her Charleston history.

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