Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lake Ontario, Rochester NY

This is an older painting but I realize I never posted it. This is Charlotte beach in Rochester NY. 11X14 acrylic

Pittsburgh Alley

This was my dad's first childhood home in Pittsburgh. He tells me it was a status symbol to have an awning over your front porch. They were very proud to have the only awning on the whole street! My dad lived here in the 1940's and were fortunate to eventually move to a lovely brick ranch in the suburbs.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lemon Bowl

My lemons almost rotted before I finished this one. I like the colors and may try somthing similar in the future. Acrylic 11X14- SOLD

Keuka Lake Shed- In Progress

I did this plein air painting at the house we rented this summer on Keuka Lake, NY. This was the lakeside shed that held all the toys, rafts, etc. I want to touch it up a bit and then mail it to the homeowners. Most of the houses along the lake are set on steep hills with lots of stairs down to the water. 8X10 acrylic